KiiK create | Press: Area Magazine Winter 2017
A collaborative couple that transforms spaces with vibrant color and energizing designs. Paintings, Murals, Patterns, Textiles, Surface Design, and More!
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KiiK Create Area Magazine Winter 2017

Press: Area Magazine Winter 2017

We are so honored that Area Magazine featured our solo show, Enter the Vortex, in their Winter 2017 issue. The photo of Manoela and I standing in the fulcrum of the mural (taken the day after the opening) is accompanied by a description of the exhibition. Thank you Area for sharing an amazing project, that we are so proud of, with your readers. We hope to keep working with you in the future. It is also cool that we are on the same page as our friends at, Lote 23. Congrats guys!

KiiK Create Area Magazine Winter 2017