KiiK create | Painting with AMOR
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Painting with AMOR

At an art opening at Espacio MODOS, in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, we met the street artist AMOR, who was showing a piece in the show. He has painted hundreds of murals throughout Buenos Aires and around the world. He has mastered a playful, childlike style and has painted subjects from geometric and organic abstraction to cartoony doodle characters. Check out his website HERE. He had seen the mural, Axis we did at Proyecto Ace and invited us to collaborate on a street piece with him sometime.

Our last day in Argentina, we met up with AMOR in his neighborhood of Belgrano to paint. We sat in the morning sunlight and drank maté and drew a few sketches. It was tons of fun and the community was very receptive and many came by to compliment the work. The colorful piece we ended up with had his signature circle in the center and was a playful and bright abstract piece that popped off the old vine covered building it was painted on. It was a full day of painting and a great way to end our two month residency in Buenos Aires.