KiiK create | KiiK create duality mask for exhibition in santurce
custom handmade three dimensional mask for an exhibit
mask,custom,sculpture,design,collage,vinyl,3d,three dimensional,exhibition
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Harmony of Opposites

October 2014
Two-Person Mask, Adhesive Vinyl and Spray-paint on Cardboard, 42″ x 42″ x 10″

This mask was made as a part of “La Mascara”, an invitational group exhibition at C787 Studios in Santurce, Puerto Rico which coincided with Halloween. You can see the flyer on our blog HERE. “Harmony of Opposites” is the title. This mask was based off the yin-yang symbol. We wanted to represent the dynamic balance that complementary forces create when they come together in a harmonious way. The two halves can be worn independently or together and fit perfectly into each other. This mask is a symbol for the mission of KiiK create, two halves coming together to create balance, oneness, and life.