KiiK create | Kiikcreate | LINEUP | SANTURCE ES LEY 6
A collaborative couple that transforms spaces with vibrant color and energizing designs. Paintings, Murals, Patterns, Textiles, Surface Design, and More!
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Símbolos geométricos multicolor construidos a puño y letra. Portales a otras dimensiones con universos paralelos.
El año pasado crearon un portal de estos y al finalizar tuvieron la dicha de enterarse que iban a ser padres. Kiik Create más que increíbles artistas son familia y seres de luz.
Su nuevo mural ya esta creado, pendientes a la documentación.

Multicolor and impeccably clean geometric symbols created by hand. Portals to other dimensions with parallel universes. Last year, they created one of this portals and by the end of their process received the joyful news that they were about to become parents. Kiik Create, more than just incredible artists, they are family and beings of light.
Their newest mural is already finished, stay tuned for the documentation.

Find out about the other artist’s in this year’s festival on the Santurce es Ley Youtube Channel.